General Insurance ERP

ANZ Global Soft is the result of over experience in the insurance and technology fields. It is a full web platform that allows you to support all the insurance operations, allowing you to replace your legacy systems and transform your business. Our insurance software can handle any number of brands and products from single covers to packages and client-bespoke products. ANZ offer clients free or low cost access to the service.

ANZ Insurance Management

  • Customer Relationship Management CRM
  • Contract and Clause Management
  • Renewal
  • Ship Management
  • Claim and Fees
  • Accounting Costs
  • Accounting P&R Cash Flow
  • Matching and Banks
  • EAI Project and Finance
  • Statistics Reporting
  • Business Intelligence
Our business software ERP + CRM are innovative software solutions. They meet your insurance business requirements by a thorough knowledge of your internal processes. We also continually integrate the latest technologies in order to help you to evolve for more quality and productivity.

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