Web Application Development

We are Solutions Providers for All your Solutions. Today’s users and customers expect nothing less than top usability and experience from your web application. We go the extra mile to amaze them.

Web’s Quality Applications

While we agree that the aesthetics of a website is important, what determines how well it carries out its functions and achieves its intended purpose is its quality of build. You can rest assured that our web applications will more than meet your expectations because we are particular about following industry best practices and standards. Your web applications will also be of the highest quality, developed using the latest available technology. The strict adherence of our development team to standards and architecture refined over the years ensures that the system we provide you with will serve you for a long time to come.

User Friendly Design

Our experience in web application development enables us to intuitively know what will work and what will not work in terms of making the system easy to use. Your users will be able to comfortably interact with the system in no time as it will be designed with them in mind from the start. They will find that the application anticipates what they want to do and helps them do it. In this way, the users of your system take a short time to master your system, and quickly become more productive. And they will also enjoy using it.

Experience Never be Challenged

Our portfolio is full of many successfully completed web application projects. The quality of each of these applications is a testament to the high standards we hold ourselves to. A look at our portfolio also reveals that we have worked with clients from diverse sectors and projects of varying sizes; from large public corporations to SMEs.


Most of our web applications are developed using Microsoft ASP.NET, C SHARP, VB.net a platform with a wide array of very useful features. It is used in most software development projects around the world as it is tailor-made for creating systems that work on the Windows operating system, the world’s preferred OS. You can be assured of a system of the highest quality, as our developers have been working with .NET since it was introduced in 2000 and have completed many projects using it.

Give Your Requirement Will Give you Solutions

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Web-based Software Products Using Microsoft .NET

We have designed and implemented software products for many different clients and we can do the same for you. Make us your partner of choice in the creation and implementation of any web-based software products you are thinking of selling, and you will be enlisting the expertise of experienced Microsoft .NET developers who also have plenty of expertise in the design of web-based systems.

Faster Development

Our unique in-house software development tools enable us to develop web-based applications faster than most rivals in the Pakistan. This will ensure that time-sensitive products are developed quickly and reach the market fast, ensuring your idea is not a victim of delayed delivery.

Cloud-based and SAAS (software as a service)

Software as a Service or SAAS refers to software applications that are offered via the Internet, accessible through a browser, eliminating the need for installation on the user’s PC. Instead of having the software installed on individual PCs, it would be hosted at a central data centre. This approach, to distribution of software products, is becoming increasingly popular, as it offers users numerous advantages. If you desire to go down the SAAS route, feel free to take advantage of our expertise in designing and developing such software products.

Long-term Support

After a software product has been developed, it still needs to be maintained and updated to satisfy the changing demands and needs of its users. This calls for good quality long-term support that will enable changes to be implemented effectively. We offer you long-term support you can depend on, allowing you to go about your core business without worrying about how any enhancements you require will be captured by the system. You dream of new functionality, we will figure out how to make the software product incorporate them.

E-commerce Solutions

“We build custom e-commerce solutions that exactly match your requirements and the needs of your customers. “ For designing each e-commerce solution, we analyses and understand the nature of the products and their target audience. We then design the navigation, user journeys, and browse and product display elements in a way to maximize the website’s conversion rate. Each product or service offering is unique and demands its own tailored online shop approach for optimum performance.

Online Payment Integration

The ability to accept online payments is critical for any e-commerce website. There are various considerations to bear in mind while selecting the right approach and the right payment provider. That includes security, commission rates, support for recurring payments and support for international payments and multiple currencies. At ANZ GLOBAL SOFT we have previous experience of integrating with all major online payment providers including CREDIT/DEBIT CARD, Paypal.

Order Processing & Back-Office Automation

Running an e-commerce website isn’t just about the online shop front-end. Once the orders come through they need to be processed, managed, reported upon, tracked and so forth. With extensive experience in developing back-office automation software, dashboards and databases, we always design a unique and Admin Control Panel for our e-commerce websites. Our clients can then use their control panels to manage products and categories, customers, orders, invoices and many other tasks in the easiest and most time-effective manner.

Integrated with Your Existing Systems

If you run an existing offline business and are planning to develop an ecommerce website to boost your sales, it makes sense to get the online shop to connect to your existing systems and applications. This can reduce your operational costs and streamline the order processing, stock management and customer support activities. At ANZ Global Soft we have extensive experience in systems integration and making different systems talk to each other automatically.

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