School Management System

The software market is growing faster than the economy & contributes to its growth. In order to keep & increase productivity, companies have to adapt their software systems. Our ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning software solution, in particular ANZ for School Management System, integrate into its modular solutions processes of all key your activity, to facilitate its implementation.

An integrated Online school Management System for the school to efficiently perform the day to day activities. The school information Management System will provide accurate, relevant, actionable informant and will act as a decision support system (DSS) for the school’s key senior management and officials to appraise decision making. School database Management system will facilitate to manage the records/reports of students, faculty and staff through various modules (Admission, HR, Examination, Accounting, Reporting etc.) of a centralize Education Management System. Financial Management System allows schools to manage, monitor and improve school finances with a holistic view of budgets and spending in one place. The SMS modules will connect the staff and students in more organized manner.

    Student Management and Admission Module

    This module will facilitate both the Prospect Students and the Admitted Students

    A) Prospect Students

    The prospected student registration will be entered for merit list. The initial information of the new students like name, father name, forms no, dairy no and marks with department/program and merit type will be entered. The unique form check is implemented along with mandatory fields check. The merit list will be generated on the basis of this information after verification of the relevant department.

    B) Admitted Students

    The admitted students can be managed using this module like update student data and search the student in the relevant department with contact information and other details.

    Fee Management

    The students selected in the merit list will provide form number to the fee branch staff. The staff member just enters the form number and previews the record of the student with student father name and program applied.

    The staff member has the option to generate the full fee template, half fee template, 25%, Fee ship etc. The staff member selects the template from the drop-down list, preview the amount in editable calculator option (add practical fee, if applicable) and generate the Challan. The challan template for the student is saved with the option to print challan for National Bank and Punjab Bank or any other bank. The whole activity took less than 30 Seconds on average.

    The admitted student’s fee challan will be tracked through system generated school roll numbers.

    HR Management

    The HR Management system is a complete solution for information management related to the Faculty and staff of the school. The employee code, appointment date, employee type, department, designation, pay scale, date of retirement, contact info and other relevant information.

In Addition to above it empowers the School to

  • Easily manageable Staff’s profile and leaves
  • Allows complete staff information
  • Attendance through Biometric device attached to the system
  • Easy customization of Allowances & Deductions
  • Manage Payroll
  • RFID Attendance

Library Management

We provide School inventory management system in which the library management enables the creation of book category, adding books to categories, book issuance, book master, book return, and publication info and search facility.

School Management System

A) Revenue
B) Students
C) Employees
D) Student wise Revenue
E) Student Profile
F) Employee Profile


  • Allows users to handle Automatic Grading of Exam Marks
  • Print Student Report Card, Exam results Analysis by Class, Grade, subject and much more
  • The Grading system function allows users to define Alpha and Numeric grade
  • User-defined Terms for Exams can be maintained

Certificates & Reports

  • Generate reports to satisfy your requirements
  • Student’s Leaving Certificates / Bonafide Certificate / Migration certificate
  • Create unlimited reports from the student data like Attendance, Fees and much more

SMS Facilities

Facilitates instant & Tailored SMS System:

  • Inbuilt messaging system
  • Easy and quick way to send messages to any user
  • Send tailored message to parents, teacher, students and management:
  • 1. Holidays notifications
  • 2. Due fees SMS to parents
  • 3. Instant Student absence SMS to parents
  • 4. Share Students result card to parents/li>
  • 5. Parents meeting schedule notification SMS
  • 6. Send SMS to wish for Birthdays, Festivals & Achievements notifications

Online Student Web Portal

  • Student Personal information (Bio data)
  • Student Daily Attendance
  • Graphical analysis of Student’s results
  • School as well as Exam time table
  • Holidays lists
  • Online notice board for quick awareness

Online Web Portal for Parents/Guardian

  • Student Daily Attendance
  • Student behavior towards study
  • Student’s activity reports to their parents/guardian.
  • Graphical analysis of Student’s results
  • School as well as Exam time table
  • Holidays lists
  • Online notice board for quick awareness.
  • Special Instructions for parents/guardian.

More Advantages

  • Affordable all-in-one solution
  • Provides transparency and bridges communication gap between students and teachers
  • Remarkably reduces manual work
  • Customizable, it can be tailored according to your needs
  • Caters high level of security for confidential data
  • Fee structure can be tailored to your intuition’s specific needs
  • Quick and on demand reports generation
  • Built-in RFID attendance for students and University staff.

Our business software ERP + CRM are innovative software solutions. They meet your school business requirements by a thorough knowledge of your internal processes. We also continually integrate the latest technologies in order to help you to evolve for more quality and productivity. ANZ school-ERP is the easiest and best college and school management software for all the school and colleges of Pakistan. It is very easily customizable as per their requirements. Our multi campus management software solution is not only for one campus as well as multi campuses and affiliated colleges or institutions, within city or anywhere in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. School learning management system provides versatile support for teaching & learning, communication & collaboration, content & media integration and administration. We provide school management system software free download source code in, JavaScript, html, CSS and query. The web based school management system software is easy to order and can be setup within hours having modules includes, online admissions, payroll, hr. , accounts, interlink with banks with credit card payment or online payment for fee, exam, results, time table, student and parent portals and many more. The pricing schedule of the school management system is very affordable for school and college management.

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