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ANZ Global Soft is a dedicated resource of business professionals, who have pooled their acknowledged experience & expertise in business consulting & enterprise solutions, for utmost satisfaction of our clients. ANZ is parent controlling two esteemed entities ANZ Global Soft and ANZ Training and Education (T&E).

We empowered to cater ERP needs and IT solutions desktop, web base, Android & other solutions through ANZ Global Soft. ANZ (T&E) offer training and consultancy services in different areas of Information Technology and Management Science. We provide on-campus and on-site training and consultancy services. Most of our training courses are offered at our training center in Lahore.

All courses are designed to cover theoretical as well as practical aspects of the subject, to meet international standards and market requirements. Most of the courses also cover relevant international certifications by technology giants like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, RedHat and Sun Microsystems. Besides above, we also provide indoor and outdoor advertisement and printing solutions.

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