CMS Websits

Content management systems

It is not enough these days to put a website online and then forget about it. Visitors and search engines alike all expect your content to be regularly updated with fresh features and material. Unless you are a coding expert, this can be a tricky and time consuming process on raw HTML based websites. Content Management Systems (CMS) are handy tools designed to enable even the most non-technical members of your team to easily update your website content. Two broad categories of CMS systems are available: off-the-shelf systems and ANZ systems. While the former offers a ready-made solution, ANZ CMSs offer flexibility that takes into account your unique needs. They also give websites a more professional look and feel while making it simple to update. Get in touch with us to learn how ANZ systems can work for you. Our team of developers creates websites from ANZ content management systems that are sleek and business-like and robust in their functionality. For an idea of what we mean, simply browse through our own site.

Professional Looking Websites

How your website appeals to the eye can determine whether or not you will draw in customers. This is why we go the extra mile to work hand in hand with some of the best graphic designers in the business. These graphics experts have experience working with businesses of all sizes and you can see from their work in our portfolio that they know their stuff.

Easy for Non-Technical Staff to Manage

One thing you need to remember when it comes to CMS is that to make an off-the-shelf CMS work for you, you will often need a high degree of technical expertise as well as time available to learn the application. This does not have to be the case with ANZ systems; they do all the donkey-work in the background while presenting you with a format that can be easily modified. Everything on the user interface, including navigation functions, formats and search boxes is taken care of for you.

Real Flexibility

Most Off-the-shelf CMS vendors claim that their systems offer full flexibility as they come with a robust rich text editor. But is this really the case? In some cases it is, but is full flexibility all you desire from your CMS or would you rather have a system that is user-friendly with a professional look and feel coupled with extensive functionality and a raft of great features? Investing in a CMS that offers full flexibility but will need staff to have technical knowledge to be useful probably isnít the best way to solve your web development needs. What you need is a structured CMS that will provide you with simple forms and other easy-to-use features. Your users will use these to interact with the system and the system will use their input to generate a visually appealing front end for your website.

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