Fitness Club Management System

Fitness Club Management System

ANZ club management system project that provides and manages various club activities such as member registration, registration for various regular and vacation batches and more. The ANZ club management system (software) is a Php management software project that manages the entire club activities and provides respective functionality for various types of visitors. This gym management system is built with respect to managing a fitness club very efficiently. Key features of this fitness club software include records management, promotion and marketing tools, scheduling, reporting, billing, and member reservations management. Club management software can be used to manage payments and customer data, class scheduling, events, and to automate marketing campaigns.

ANZ has developed Fitness Club Management System (software) which has following features:

  • 1. It defines your fitness gym.
  • 2. It will show member profiles so that more people are attracted to your gym.
  • 3. It will show member fee / security fee.
  • 4. Digital membership attendance (biometric attendance) no other person can come to your gym if he/she is not member. If you do not want to install the biometric system we will make software for attendance.
  • 5. It will create automatically fee slip and will send to member by sms and email. If member ship time expires you can easily see how much members need to submit their fee.
  • 6. Fee collection record.
  • 7. Member SMS template: if you want to send sms to your members in case emergency, holidays or special discount offers, you can do it by a single click.
  • 8. Expense Voucher: It will creat voucher of all your expenses, you can also keep record of this expense
  • 9. Management Information system Report (MIS): This report will have following features:
  • List of all the members.
  • Fee by member-wise.
  • Total receivable amount (payable by members).
  • Total Received amount (from members).
  • Total expense.
  • Profit and loss (monthly, yearly, all time).

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